A "Getting Started" Guide for Developers Interested in Robotics

Coffee Bot: Learn.TurtleBot.com's final demo.

Learning with the TurtleBot

  1. We Want You to Learn TurtleBot (and Robotics)!
  2. What You Will Need
  3. Hardware Setup
  4. Installing Ubuntu 14.04
  5. Installing ROS
  6. Testing TurtleBot Installation
  7. Setting Up Networking
  8. Testing Kinect
  9. Teleoperation
  10. Writing Your First Script
  11. Creating a Map
  12. Autonomous Driving
  13. Going Forward and Avoiding Obstacles with Code
  14. Going to a Specific Location on Your Map Using Code
  15. Monitor the Netbook’s Battery Status
  16. Monitor Kobuki’s Battery Status
  17. Button Events
  18. Charging the Netbook
  19. What to Read Next

CoffeeBot Challenge

  1. Determining Coordinates of Customers
  2. Configure CoffeeBot’s Web Server
  3. Installing the Chrome Browser Extension
  4. Configuring the Final Script
  5. Respawning the Auto-Docking Server
  6. Installing the Web App
  7. Running the Final Script
  8. Setting Optimal Angles for Customers
  9. Pending Challenges

Learning with the TurtleBot in Simulation

  1. We Want You to Learn TurtleBot in Simulation!
  2. Software Installation
  3. Testing the TurtleBot Simulation
  4. Testing Simulated Kinect
  5. Teleoperation
  6. Editing the Simulated World
  7. Writing Your First Script
  8. Creating a Map
  9. Autonomous Navigation
  10. Going Forward and Avoiding Obstacles Using Code
  11. Going to a Specific Location on Your Map Using Code
  12. What to Read Next

Challenge in Simulation

  1. Introduction
  2. Taking a Photo
  3. Taking a Photo Using Code
  4. Recording a Video
  5. Following the Route Using Code
  6. Multiple TurtleBots in Concert
  7. TurtleBot Follower
  8. Writing Your First Rapp
  9. Writing Your First Interaction