TurtleBot Hardware Setup

TurtleBot comes pre-built; you simply need to plug in the cables.

Take your netbook computer and place it on the second shelf with the USB plugs facing the rear of TurtleBot. (The rear has the various plugs into the Kobuki base.)

Kobuki Base Showing Rear Plugs

TurtleBot comes with two cables: a USB A-B cable and a USB splitter-type cable. Plug the A side of the USB cable into your laptop and the B side into the Kobuki base. Next, plug the female side of the USB splitter into the cable coming out of the Kinect. Plug the male USB from the splitter into the laptop and the other half of the splitter into the 12V 1.5amp plug on the Kobuki base.

Finally, locate the On/Off button on the side of the Kobuki base, turn TurtleBot on, and it is ready to go!

Kobuki Base On/Off Button

EXTRA CREDIT: The laptop uses its own battery power, not TurtleBot’s. The kit comes with the ability to plug the laptop into the Kobuki base so that it charges up when TurtleBot is charging. Information on setting this up is here.