For robots to enter the mainstream, a massive number of developers will be needed. Not just developers with lots of funding and years of training, but students, hobbyists and other casual users working alongside seasoned veterans and academics. Formerly insurmountable barriers to entry (money, education, manufacturing, etc.) are rapidly coming down and if we focus on a few specific goals, this collaborative, crowd-sourced, cross-discipline dream can come true:

  • Minimal Cost: Many developers will need to purchase their own equipment
  • Open-Source Software: For collaborative development and shared knowledge
  • High-School Level Language: Supporting a wide range of developer backgrounds
  • Example-Based Articles: Teaching quickly through real world solutions

In this article series we wanted to target these four points and give developers a place to start with robotic development. Fork the project, distribute it, commit changes, add articles and dream big. All content, videos & images are available for you to use as you see fit.

Simply put… Robots are awesome! None of us can do this alone (or even in isolated clusters). Join together and lets start hacking robots!

Change the world,


Mark Silliman

Contact information is available on my GitHub page

Full transparency: I don’t profit from TurtleBot sales nor did I get paid to create this content.

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