We might love ordering coffee from the terminal, but we suspect your customers won’t. Give them the CoffeeBot Chrome Extension so they can order in style.

Here’s the goal:

Browser Extension Results

Install Chrome

On the workstation:

Install Chrome by downloading it then opening the Ubuntu Software Center. (Search for “google-chrome-stable” and install.)

Install Chrome on Ubuntu 14.04

Still on the workstation:

  1. Open Chrome.
  2. Go to Settings > More Tools > Extensions.
  3. Check “Developer Mode” checkbox at the top of the page.

Enable Chrome Extension Developer Mode

Clone and Modify the Extension

In a terminal, clone the browser extension’s repository:

mkdir ~/coffeebot_chrome_ext
cd ~/coffebot_chrome_ext
git clone https://github.com/markwsilliman/turtlebot-chrome-extension

Clone Chrome Browser Extension Repo

Modify the Public DNS variable:

cd ~/coffebot_chrome_ext/turtlebot-chrome-extension/js
gedit popup.js

Modify this line to your ec2 instance’s public dns that was created previously:

myDomain = "http://ec2-.....";

Save and close.

Install the Extension

Back in Chrome:

  1. Go to Settings > More Tools > Extensions.
  2. Press the “Load unpacked extension…” button.
  3. Select the turtlebot-chrome-extension folder and “open”.
  4. You should now have a coffee cup on the top/right of your browser.

Load Unpacked Extension

Once we’ve finished the demo, you can order coffee right from the browser!

TIP: You can share the modified browser extension folder with all of your customers and have them install it using the above instructions. (This works on Mac, PC and anything that can install Chrome.)