We created this article series to give a coherent, project-based introduction and overview of ROS without having to learn all the nitty-gritty details. We left out and glossed over hundreds of powerful tools, many of which deserve their own series. Now that you’ve finished these tutorials, more sophisticated and powerful approaches to ROS await you:

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Online References


  • A Gentle Introduction to ROS by Jason O’Kane - Online PDF version is free. An easy-to-read overview of the ROS environment.
  • ROS by Example series Volume 1 by Patrick Goebel - Example-based overview of ROS. Many examples were written for TurtleBot specifically. Tip: Make sure you buy the Indigo version! (As opposed to Groovy or earlier which Goebel wrote as well.)
  • Gazebo - Robot simulation made easy (powered by ROS).

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