We need your help! Though the netbook and Kobuki batteries will autonomously charge and could theoretically run indefinitely, the Keurig is not powered by the base. In our demo the customer must plug in the Keurig to use it. Powering the Keurig plus a few other features would make our demo a full-fledged CoffeeBot!

  • Power the Keurig: Due to Keurig’s 1000-1500 watt requirements, the customer must plug in the Keurig when it arrives at their desk. Finding a way to power it via a separate battery charged by the docking station would be a fantastic update.
  • Automatic Water Refills: A 3D printed top for TurtleBot that would allow the Keurig to refill its water reservoir automatically would be awesome.
  • Water Level Monitoring: While one could estimate water usage based on the number of stops, a water level sensor would be ideal.